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"Oblak's ability to win the Zamora Award for 4 consecutive years also proves his own strength. Of course, team honors are always more important than personal honors, and individual awards are also praises to the team. In my opinion, it is in terms of talent. Said that Messi is the best, and in terms of professionalism, the best is Ronaldo. In the field of goalkeepers, Oblak is a combination of Ronaldo and Messi. Of course, there are some other excellent goalkeepers, Play an important role in every team."

“ Oblak连续4年获得Zamora奖的能力也证明了他的实力。当然,团队荣誉总是比个人荣誉更重要,个人奖项也对团队表示赞赏。我认为,这是因为说梅西是最好的,就职业精神而言,最好的是罗纳尔多。在守门员领域,奥布拉克是罗纳尔多和梅西的结合体。当然,还有其他一些优秀的亚博官方买球守门员,在每个团队。”

Not long ago, Jan Oblak’s agent Muraka praised his client in an interview, and the Slovenian responded very confidently in the crucial battle against Liverpool. For several years in a row, he has occupied the top position of the "German Turn" goalkeeper. Oblak has entered the sequence of the best goalkeeper in the world. It is a routine operation to change the game trend by himself. It is also common for him to change the game trend by himself. . For this popular fried chicken with a worth of 100 million euros, what needs to be improved is his performance in handling high-altitude shots and penalty shootouts to overcome the last difficulty on his road to the gods.

不久前,扬·奥布拉克(Jan Oblak)的经纪人Muraka在接受采访时称赞了他的客户,斯洛文尼亚人在与利物浦的关键战役中非常自信地做出了回应。连续几年,他一直占据着“德国转弯”门将的最高位置。 Oblak已进入世界最佳门将的行列。自行更改游戏趋势是一项常规操作。他自己改变比赛趋势也很普遍。 。对于这只价值1亿欧元的受欢迎的炸鸡,需要改进的是他在处理高空射击和点球大战方面的表现,以克服通往神灵之路的最后困难。

How important is Oblak to the current Atletico Madrid team? From the past four seasons, Oblak has completed four consecutive La Liga Zamora awards. During the 2015/16 season, he created the lowest conceded rate of 0.47 goals per game and helped the horses in the 2017/18 season. Competing to win the Europa League Championship, completed 27 zero seals in 50 appearances in various competitions. Since joining Atletico, Oblak has reached the milestone of 50 zero-cleared opponents in only 86 games. Since Griezmann's departure, the Slovenian has become the player who joined Atletico in 2015. The oldest one.


In the 27 league games that have ended this season, Oblak has completed 11 zero blocks, which is second only to Courtois. So far, Oblak has played in 180 La Liga games, 99 games with zero closures, and is expected to become the goalkeeper with the shortest time to complete 100 games in La Liga history. In the Simeone era, Atletico has completed a record 58 1-0 victories, and Oblak has participated in 50 of them. In the recent guest game at Anfield, Oblak made 9 successful saves and blocked the Red Army players’ close-range shots in extreme ways of getting rid of gravity several times. As a comparison, Adri’s safety field contributed only 3 There were two saves and one turnover made an own assist.


Before the end of last season, Atletico Madrid has officially renewed its contract with Oblak until 2023, and the penalty has been increased from the previous 80 million euros to 120 million euros. In addition to giving Oblak honor and fame, the long contract sent by Atletico Madrid also gave him encouragement and encouragement. Behind the declining level of defense, Oblak has become the backbone of Atletico’s defense. This player who was questioned as a parallel importer at the beginning of joining has become a representative of Simeone’s football philosophy after years of baptism. character.


Oblak's start at Atletico Madrid was not smooth. Due to an injury in pre-season training, he missed the opportunity to practice with his teammates. In the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League group stage as a guest at Olympiacos, Oblak ushered in his debut on behalf of Atletico. The Slovenian performed poorly in this unexpected home defeat. The main position was also joined by Mo. Replaced by Asia. Oblak did not lose confidence because of the failure of his debut. He constantly communicated with his teammates and coaches, went all out in training, and was always ready to play. In the middle of the season, Moya's injury allowed Oblak to return to the starting lineup and since then sit firmly on the main team. His outstanding performance against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals made him famous.

奥布拉克在马德里竞技的开局并不顺利。由于季前训练受伤,他错过了与队友一起练习的机会。在2014/15赛季欧洲联赛冠军杯小组赛中,奥布拉克(Oblak)代表马竞迎来了他的处子秀。斯洛文尼亚人在这场意外的主场失利中表现不佳。莫也加入了主要职位。 Oblak并没有因为首演失败而失去信心。他经常与队友和教练沟通,全力以赴,随时准备比赛。在赛季中期,莫亚的伤病使奥布拉克重返首发阵容,从那以后就牢牢地坐在主力阵容中。他在冠军联赛四分之一决赛中对阵皇家马德里的出色表现使他成名。

In this era of ball possession tactics and oppressive play styles, the special position of the goalkeeper also has a significant differentiation in style. In the new era, a group of goalkeepers who have a strong sense of presence in the overall tactics have emerged. They can be regarded as system binders, or even regional developers. They have outstanding consciousness and aspire to become important nodes in the team’s passing network. They can handle the ball skillfully far away from the goal. When under pressure, they try not to use long passes to defuse the risk, but use short and medium distance passes to find teammates who are closer to them. Long passes have become an active choice. , Rather than a passive way.

在这个控球战术和压迫性打法风格的时代,守门员的特殊位置在风格上也有显着差异。在新时代,出现了一群在整体战术中具有强烈的临场感的守门员。他们可以被视为系统绑定者,甚至是区域开发人员。他们具有出色的意识,并渴望成为团队传递网络中的重要节点。他们可以熟练地控球,远离球门。在压力下,他们尽量不使用长传来减轻风险,而是使用中短距离传球来寻找离他们更近的队友。长传已经成为一个积极的选择。 ,而不是被动的方式。

Neuer, Ter Stegen and De Gea have good foot skills, Oblak is better at using both hands to control the ball, his style is like a classic old school goalkeeper (passive). Oblak's foot skills did not reach the level of backcourt organizers. Atletico's offensive was initiated by speeding up after the frontcourt steals, the pass between the defender and the midfielder, or the long pass from the backcourt.

Neuer,Ter Stegen和De Gea都有很好的脚步技巧,Oblak擅长用双手控制球,他的风格就像是经典的守旧守门员(被动)。 Oblak的足部技巧未达到后场组织者的水平。马竞的进攻是在前场抢断,后卫与中场之间的传球或后场的长传之后加速进行的。

In recent years, the trend of goalkeepers becoming taller is very obvious. Oblak's height (1m 89) is not outstanding. His advantage lies in a good wingspan, outstanding instant response speed and hand strength. Oblak's hand moves and moves quickly, and his second reaction speed is also at the top level. He can always force the opponent forward to choose a tricky angle when shooting, which greatly reduces the opponent's chance conversion rate. Oblak is very good at stretching his body, not only can pounce on the ball, but also grasp the strength and direction to hit the ball as far as possible, which is an extremely rare trait among goalkeepers in the world. The contribution of a world-class goalkeeper to the team is not only reflected in his wonderful saves, but also in the deterrence of offensive players. Oblak is such a "big figure" that can affect the game's offensive and defensive pattern, not only can prevent opponents from scoring , Can also limit the formation of absolute opportunities.

近年来,守门员变高的趋势非常明显。 Oblak的身高(1m 89)并不出色。他的优势在于良好的翼展,出色的即时响应速度和手部力量。 Oblak的手快速移动,他的第二反应速度也达到了最高水平。在射击时,他总是可以迫使对手向前选择一个棘手的角度,这大大降低了对手的机会转换率。奥布拉克非常擅长伸展身体,不仅可以扑向球,还可以尽可能地掌握击球的力量和方向,这是世界门将中极为罕见的特征。世界一流的门将对球队的贡献不仅体现在他出色的扑救上,还体现在进攻球员的威慑力上。奥布拉克是这样一个“大人物”,可以影响比赛的攻守格局,不仅可以防止对手得分,还可以限制绝对机会的形成。

Thanks to the existence of Oblak, Atletico Madrid's defensive players dared to adopt some more aggressive defensive strategies and actively strive for opportunities for offensive and defensive conversion. They dared to leave the empty space behind to the Slovenians to deal with, believing that the goalkeeper can help them. Oblak has good explosive power and sprint speed, but he rarely rushes out of the penalty area to deal with the ball. Atletico Madrid's overall defense speed is very amazing. Generally, the goalkeeper is not frequently one-on-one with the opponent forward.


In the past few seasons, Oblak has made considerable progress, but handling high-altitude ball is still its relatively weak link (of course, not particularly weak). Obrak has excellent jumping ability. He sometimes strikes in a more exaggerated way. He is occasionally inaccurate in timing. He may collide with teammates or opponents in mid-air. In the away game against Leverkusen this season, Boss’s team frequently used high-altitude balls to hit Atletico’s gates. Oblak’s positioning and timing of the set-piece defense had problems, and he made several strikes. They have not cleaned the ball well, and this phenomenon has also appeared many times when the Sheets faced Juventus, Real Madrid and Bilbao.


Another weakness of Oblak is the penalty save. Although the overall save rate is good (about 33% in regular time), he did not perform well in several key penalty shootouts, which affected the outside world. Evaluation of its ability to hit a penalty kick. As a goalkeeper with a more sensitive nerve type, Oblak's goal line reacts very quickly. He also tends to rely on reaction to solve the problem when he makes a penalty kick instead of predicting it in advance. This is a disadvantage in a 12-yard matchup.


On February 8, 2020, before Atletico Madrid's home game against Granada, Atletico Madrid officially held an exhibition for goalkeeper Oblak. In the Wanda Metropolitan Exhibition Hall, fans can see Oblak’s jerseys, gloves, boots, and four Zamora trophies. Many clubs will hold personal exhibitions and even set up memorial halls for the team's merits, but such actions are often used to commend their entire career for the team's contribution after their retirement. As a star who has just entered the peak and has a long way to go before retirement, he was able to usher in his own solo exhibition at the home court of his club. Obrak was able to win this award because of him. His strength is also because of his loyalty.


It doesn’t care about the pass success rate and time of possession. It has strict requirements on the intensity of high-post pressing, low-post defense density and the speed of defense when retreating. Simeone’s football philosophy is based on a large number of “no-ball” operations, goal-line technology Outstanding goalkeepers have a lot of room for performance, and the match between Oblak and Atletico Madrid is a match made in heaven. From the 2015/16 season so far, Oblak’s performance is almost flawless. He has always maintained a very high competitive state, playing a key role in a complex tactical system. His saves and blocks are his decision. And the commanding ability, his communication with his teammates when passing the ball, and the exciting performances he dedicated day after day, all have become an indispensable part of Atletico football.

它并不关心通过成功率和拥有时间。它对高位压制的强度,低位防御密度和撤退时的防御速度有严格的要求。 Simeone的足球哲学基于大量的“无球”操作,球门线技术,杰出的门将有很大的表现空间,Oblak和Atletico Madrid之间的比赛是天上人间的比赛。从2015/16赛季至今,Oblak的表现几乎是完美的。他一直保持着很高的竞争状态,在复杂的战术系统中发挥了关键作用。他的省钱是他的决定。出色的指挥能力,传球时与队友的沟通以及日复一日献身的精彩表演,已成为马竞足球不可或缺的一部分。

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