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October 3, Sparta


H3X is part of the Spartan Warriors Hurricane Race system. All countries and regions participating in the H3X start the event at the same time. The challenge content is jointly created by the global Spartan instructors. In H3X, "HX" stands for Hurricane Race, and "3" stands for four-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour competition. Each stage is composed of international competition and non-international competition. Warriors can choose to participate in international competition. Compete with the global warriors for their collective tasks, defend the honor of the warriors in the region, and also complete individual tasks in non-international competition links to win the Warrior Medal.

H3X是Spartan Warriors飓风竞赛系统的一部分。参加H3X的所有国家和地区都同时开始活动。挑战内容由全球的Spartan讲师共同创建。在H3X中,“ HX”代表飓风竞赛,“ 3”代表4小时,12小时和24小时竞赛。每个阶段都由国际竞争和非国际竞争组成。勇士可以选择参加国际比赛。与全球勇士竞争,共同承担任务,捍卫该地区勇士的荣誉,并亚博买球官方网站在非国际竞争环节中完成个人任务,以赢得勇士勋章。

This competition gathered a hundred warriors from three continents around the world to participate, covering six countries and regions in mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, Slovakia, and the Philippines. It is worth mentioning that, among all the competition areas, the venue in the Jinshanling Great Wall has the most cultural heritage in Mainland China. Jinshanling is the quintessence of the Great Wall, with winding twists and turns and a wide view. At the same time, the altitude difference and rugged terrain have also become the best trial ground for warriors.


Different from the regular Spartan Warriors tournament, the Spartan Warriors H3X Hurricane Tournament is a double test and baptism for the players' body and mind. Spartan regular events require participants to have a certain physical foundation and encourage them to actively participate in sports by participating in the event. The continuous obstacle setting requires the participants to face the difficulties and challenge higher limits through continuous improvement of themselves. . The Spartan Warriors Hurricane Race is a more comprehensive test for the participants. Within 4 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours, the warriors who are divided into several groups need to fully understand the tasks assigned by the instructors to exceed the ordinary Physical fitness and willpower overcome many difficulties. At the same time, the participating warriors face many choices in the competition, whether to work hard for the individual finish or choose to fight with the team. At the 4-hour and 12-hour mark, whether to give up or persist. When faced with a stern instructor, choose to obey the rules or leave with anger.

与常规的Spartan Warriors锦标赛不同,Spartan Warriors H3X飓风锦标赛是对球员身心的双重考验。斯巴达常规赛事要求参与者具有一定的身体基础,并通过参加该赛事来鼓励他们积极参加体育运动。持续的障碍设置要求参与者面对困难,并通过不断提高自己来挑战更高的极限。 。斯巴达勇士飓风赛是对参赛者的更全面测试。在4小时,12小时和24小时内,分成几组的勇士需要充分理解教练所亚博官方买球分配的任务,以超越普通的体能和毅力来克服许多困难。同时,参加比赛的勇士在比赛中面临许多选择,无论是为个人完成而努力还是选择与团队作战。在4小时和12小时大关时,是否放弃还是坚持不懈。面对严厉的指导者时,请选择遵守规则或生气离开。

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an "old bird", in the Hurricane Race, all players have only one name, "STUDENT". The players who have survived the hardship and finally completed the competition are considered "GRADUATE" in the Hurricane Race (graduation)". It can be said that in the hurricane race field, the students experience trials and face choices every minute. Many warriors who participated in the 4-hour and 12-hour hurricane race described these short hours as long as a lifetime. It almost condenses all the painful choices and physical and mental hardships in life, and because of this, the experience of participating in the hurricane race has opened up a new realm of life.


In this hurricane competition, global coaches teamed up to create almost "abnormal" rules and links. For example, in the 4-hour international competition session, participants need to carry 50 kg sandbags from teammates who line up in a row to do straight-arm planks. Go over one by one; in the 12-hour international competition session, a personal task of running around the pile with load is set up. You must know that you must first do 30 poppy jumps before going around the pile. The difficulty of the task can be imagined; in addition to the physical challenge, the 24-hour international The competition session also puts a great test on the brain power of the contestants.


In this game, 145 "students" in the Chinese division chose 4 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours of different levels of challenges. After 4 hours, 44 "students" graduated successfully at the 4-hour mark, and another 8 One student chose to retire, and the remaining 93 students chose to continue to challenge for 12 hours and 24 hours. At the 12-hour mark, 17 "students" graduated successfully, and 10 students opted out. More than half of the time, 66 of the 145 players still chose to complete the 24-hour challenge. After a day and night of pain and suffering, at 8 o'clock in the morning of October 4th, 56 "students" persisted to the end, facing the sunrise of the Jinshanling Great Wall, everyone ushered in a new self.

在这场比赛中,中国分区的145名“学生”选择了4小时,12小时和24小时不同级别的挑战。 4小时后,有4位“学生”以4小时成绩成功毕业,另有8位学生选择了退役,其余93位学生选择继续挑战12小时和24小时。到了12时,有17名“学生”成功毕业,有10名学生选择退出。超过一半的时间,145名选手中有66名仍然选择完成24小时挑战赛。经过一天一夜的痛苦和磨难,10月4日上午8点,面对金山岭长城的日出,56名“学生”坚持到了最后,每个人都迎来了新的自我。

The sports expert Dangshang said frankly that he has gained a lot: "For the 12-hour hurricane race, the preparations that should be made before the race, the physical distribution during the race, the team and individual tasks, do their best without injury...within their ability, I have given my utmost sincerity. If I say regret, it is that I don’t fully understand the meaning of the hurricane, and my mind is too simple. Under the premise of abiding by the competition system, the hurricane competition is actually a contest of brain power. Brute force can’t solve it. It is human creativity that has driven the great wheel of history." As a "faithful fan" of Sparta, Japen has an unforgettable feeling about the Hurricane Race: "From the beginning of the registration, the anxiety and lack of confidence to the early stage of the competition. I have repeatedly thought of retiring from the race, and I still have to stick to the belief that I will continue to walk until the end is physically exhausted. The Hurricane Race has allowed me to constantly challenge my physical limits, re-understand myself, and get out of my comfort zone. The early morning is the most difficult time, and there is silence around me. When the body and mind are at the critical point of collapse, there is only one sentence in my mind, that is, we must persist to the end."

体育专家当尚坦言说,他收获颇丰:“在12小时的飓风比赛中,应在比赛前做好准备,在比赛过程中进行体力分配,参加比赛的团队和个人任务,请在不受伤的情况下尽力而为。 ...在他们的能力范围内,我致以最大的诚意。如果我说遗憾,那是因为我不完全理解飓风的含义,我的想法太简单了。在遵守竞争制度的前提下,飓风竞赛实际上是对脑力的竞赛。蛮力无法解决。人类的创造力驱动了历史的伟大飞轮。”作为Sparta的“忠实粉丝”,Japen对飓风赛有一种难忘的感觉:“从报名开始,焦虑和缺乏信心到比赛初期,我再三考虑退出比赛。 ,但我仍然必须坚信我会继续走路,直到身体疲惫为止。飓风赛让我不断挑战自己的身体极限,重新了解自己,并摆脱舒适区。清晨是最艰难的时刻,周围是寂静。当身心处于崩溃的临界点时,我的脑海里只有一句话,那就是我们必须坚持到底。”

About Sparta:


The Spartan Warriors Tournament originated in 2005. It absorbed the traditional military subjects of the ancient Spartans. Today, the Spartan Warriors Tournament holds more than 200 events in more than 30 countries around the world each year, attracting more than 10 million people. . Since the introduction of the Spartan Warriors to China in 2016, it has been widely used by athletes with its unique and extremely interesting obstacles and cross-country competition, a spiritual core full of self-challenge and transcendence, and the coexistence of mass entertainment and elite sports. Loved and sought after. The 2019 Spartan Warriors Tournament opened 36 games in 13 cities, with 120,000 participants and more than 500,000 people watching and interacting on-site.

Spartan Warriors Tournament起源于2005年。它吸收了古代Spartans的传统军事题材。今天,斯巴达勇士锦标赛每年在全球30多个国家/地区举行200多个赛事,亚博买球官方网站吸引了超过1000万人。 。自2016年将《斯巴达勇士》引入中国以来,它以其独特而有趣的障碍和越野比赛,充满自我挑战与超越的精神核心以及大众娱乐活动和精英运动。被爱和追捧。 2019年的斯巴达勇士锦标赛在13个城市开放了36场比赛,有12万名参与者和超过50万人在现场观看和互动。

The Spartan Warriors is no longer just a stage for professional sportsmen. More and more people use the Spartan Warriors as a way to change themselves and enjoy life. They are either corporate executives, elites in other industries, such as well-known fitness coaches, or famous celebrities. They all strive to provide them with a platform to break free from constraints and challenge themselves through the Spartan Warriors Race. . At the same time, interesting challenges have made the Spartan Warriors Children's Tournament the best choice for many parents. Competitiveness and entertainment coexist, sports and fashion cross-border, elites and the whole people share. This unique charm makes the Spartan Warriors a new boost for national sports.

斯巴达勇士不再只是职业运动员的舞台。越来越多的人使用“斯巴达勇士”来改变自己,享受生活。他们要么是企业高管,就是其他行业的精英,例如著名的健身教练或著名的名人。他们都努力为他们提供一个摆脱束缚并通过Spartan Warriors Race挑战自己的平台。 。同时,有趣的挑战使《斯巴达勇士儿童锦标赛》成为许多父母的最佳选择。竞争与娱乐并存,运动与时尚跨界,精英与全民共享。这种独特的魅力使斯巴达勇士队成为民族体育的新动力。

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