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With the summer window closed, Barcelona not only left Messi in this window, but also invested 124 million euros in the introduction of strong support. It is the most tycoon team in La Liga! However, as the enemy of Barcelona for life, Real Madrid is terribly quiet in this summer window. Not only did they not spend money to introduce 1 person, they even cleaned up 9 generals, or bid farewell to the La Liga championship battle in advance. After all, Zidane can't be awkward. No rice to cook! Moreover, according to the media, Real Madrid will have to cut salaries for all players! Judging from this situation, Real Madrid has a tendency to move closer to smaller clubs, as Galeries Lafayette said: "You can't compare us with those big clubs"!


In this summer window, Real Madrid has cleaned 9 players through sale or loan, and got 100 million euros from the transfer market. Compared to Barcelona leaving Messi and spending 124 million euros, Real Madrid is now becoming smaller and smaller! Bale went back to Tottenham in North London on loan; Reggie also went to Tottenham but sold for 30 million euros; Ronaldo went to the Premier League toffee Everton and Real Madrid received 25 million euros; Ashraf moved to For Serie A Inter Milan, a transfer fee of 40 million euros; Dias on loan from Milan; Rainier on loan from Dortmund; Ceballos on loan from Arsenal; Mayoral on loan from Rome and received a loan fee of 2 million euros; Jiu Jianying It was loaned to Villarreal and received a loan fee of 2.5 million euros.


According to the statistics of Western Media, Real Madrid did not spend 1 cent on the transfer fee to buy people in this summer window, tying the record 40 years ago! In the summer window of 1980, Real Madrid promoted 3 teenagers from the second team Castilla to the first team, and at the same time recovered 1 general whose rent expired, and finally did not spend money to buy people in the transfer window! In this window, although Real Madrid did not spend money to sign in, they also recovered 3 players on loan to enter the first team. They are the midfielder Erdegao on loan to Real Sociedad and the goalkeeper Lue Lu on loan to Oviedo. Ning He loaned to Bayern's right back Odriosola! Among them, Erdgau was recalled in advance, and the other two players had their loan contracts expired!

根据Western Media的统计,在40年前的这个夏天里,皇马没有花1美分的转会费购买人。在1980年的夏季窗口中,皇家马德里将3名青少年从卡斯蒂利亚第二支球队晋升为第一支球队,并同时追回了一位租金已到期的将军,最终没有花钱在转会窗口买人!在这个窗口中,尽管皇马没有花钱登录,但他们还借来了3名租借球员,以进入一线队。他们是租借给皇家社会的中场球员埃尔德高(Erdegao)和借给奥维耶多(Oviedo)的守门亚博买球官方网站员Lue Lu。宁和借给拜仁的右后卫奥德里索拉!其中,Erdgau已提前被召回,另外两个球员的贷款合同已过期!

To sum up the operation of Real Madrid this summer window in one sentence, it is to clean 9 people, recruit 0 people and recover 3 loan players! In fact, there may be several reasons for Real Madrid's uncharacteristic operation. The first reason is that Real Madrid’s lineup is already bloated. No matter how expensive some people are, Zidane will not use him. Zizou will only use the players he thinks is suitable. Therefore, the extra players may be sold or rented out. You can also make money if you save money. The second reason is that the new crown epidemic has troubled Real Madrid's economic accounts. At the same time, the renovation of the Bernabéu Stadium will cost about 800 million euros. In this case, Real Madrid can only cry out for poverty now! The third reason is that it is well known that Mbappé has a great chance to leave Paris next summer, and Real Madrid has coveted the French forward for a long time!


However, according to the news from Spain's six stations, 0 signings is not Real Madrid's last operation. If the audience still cannot enter this season, Real Madrid will require all players to cut their salaries by 20%. If there is nothing to say about the 0 signing of Real Madrid players, after all, it is good for their playing time, but if the salary is cut, Real Madrid players may not agree, will it cause injustice in the dressing room, it is really hard to say, it may be It depends on Zidane's prestige and means! In addition, in addition to Barcelona, ​​a number of La Liga teams also invested heavily in this summer window. For example, they won Suarez's Atletico Madrid, they spent 90 million euros, the European champion Sevilla last season. Not much more, nearly 70 million euros were spent! From this perspective, it is too difficult for Real Madrid to win the championship this season!


In general, Cai Jie is very optimistic about Real Madrid’s prospects for the championship this season. With 9 players into 0 players, it’s as magical as Zidane is also difficult to cook without rice, not to mention that there may be a salary cut in the future. Real Madrid has been too difficult this season! Therefore, Real Madrid bid farewell to the La Liga championship in advance, but next season, they may be retaliatory consumption, such as investing heavily to win Mbappé, and once again build a Galaxy warship! As for this season, as Galeries Lafayette said: "You can't compare us with those big clubs"! Do you want to laugh about this? See you in the comments section!


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