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Tiger Fight, October 14th. Recently, FOX host Nick Wright commented on the just-concluded finals on a TV show. The Lakers beat the Heat 4-2 to win the championship. Lakers player LeBron James was elected FMVP by unanimous votes.

老虎大战,10月14日。最近,FOX主持人尼克·赖特(Nick Wright)在电视节目中刚刚结束的决赛中发表了评论。湖人队以4-2击败热火队夺得冠军。湖人球员勒布朗·詹姆斯以一致投票当选FMVP。

Speaking of James' speech in the post-match awards ceremony, "I also want my damn respect", Wright said: "Listen, we are not discussing LeBron vs. MJ (Michael Jordan) today. But. , Broussard (reporter supporting Jordan’s GOAT on the same show) You said LeBron was responding to Sunspots. I don’t think LeBron cares too much about what those people say. Wait. In fact, I think he cares more about the words of people like Chris Broussard. These people can never be considered LeBron's blacks. They have praised LeBron throughout their career, but still insist that he is The second greatest player in history. I think these people upset him more than those who rank him 9th in history."


"Broussard, I am not mocking you at all. I think the former type is much better to refute than the latter. I think you have seen the outside reaction after G5. This is LeBron James, he is an NBA postseason He will eventually become the scoring leader in the history of the game. However, when we discuss the best scorer in history, he is not included. This is LeBron James, his career has the most history The number of shots in the playoffs is equal to the sum of Michael (Jordan) and Kobe (Bryant). However, when we talk about the player with the strongest key ball in NBA history, if you mention him, people will let you Shut up. This is LeBron James. For the past ten years, except for the year he tore his groin, he has reached the finals every year. And since 2012, he has been reminding the world in the finals that he absolutely He is the best player in the world. However, every year, media professionals on major platforms explain,'This will be the year when his rule ends.' For example,'He went to Los Angeles to make a movie.' For example, 'He is not even the best player in his city.'

“布鲁萨德,我一点也不嘲笑你。我认为前者比后者要好得多。我认为你在G5之后看到了外界的反应。这就是勒布朗·詹姆斯,他是NBA季后赛,他最终将成为比赛历史上的得分王。但是,当我们讨论历史上最好的得分手时,不包括他。这是勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James),他的职业生涯历史最悠久。季后赛的射门次数等于迈克尔(乔丹)和科比(布莱恩特)但是,当我们谈论NBA历史上最强的关键球的球员时,如果你提到他,人们会让你闭嘴的,这就是勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James)。除亚博买球官方网站了他的腹股沟撕裂的那年,他每年都进入决赛。自2012年以来,他一直在决赛中提醒世界,他绝对是世界上最好的球员。主要平台解释说,“这将是他的统治结束的一年。”例如,“他去了洛杉矶拍电影”。例如,“他甚至不是他所在城市的最佳球员。”

"Especially after he played a masterpiece performance in G5, people once again questioned him with the same argument,'When LeBron was double-teamed by three, should he shoot himself? Instead of passing it to no one around three meters Danny Green shot an open three-pointer?’ I think, guys, his resume is unparalleled.’ Every time I go to a team, I promise to bring you a championship. Every place I go, then The team’s previous situation was not good. Everywhere I went, I won the championship within two years. What else do you want from me?’ So, I think this is what he said, “I want too It belongs to what my damn respect is referring to." Wright said.

“特亚博官方买球别是在他参加G5的杰作表演之后,人们再次以同样的论点质疑他:'当勒布朗由三人组成的双重团队时,他应该开枪自杀吗?而不是将其传给三米远的任何人,丹尼·格林都不会开枪。开三分?'我想,伙计们,他的履历是无与伦比的。'每次去一支球队,我都保证会带给你一个冠军。我去的每个地方,那么球队以前的情况就不好了亚博买球官亚博官方买球方网站。 ,我在两年内赢得了冠军。您还想要我做什么?”所以,我认为这就是他说的:“我也想要它,这属于我该死的敬意所指。”赖特说。

In another speech, Wright continued to comment on James: "This man has shown complete dominance for ten years. Since Bill Russell when there were only 8 teams in the league, this has never been in the league. Witnessed things. After he played an excellent 40+13+7 G5 performance, all the media are still questioning him in the old way,'Does he have a killer instinct? Should he take that shot? Did you make the right decision?’ I’m going to reveal a fact to media colleagues such as Jay Williams. If LeBron makes a decision, it’s a correct decision. Because we have more than 15 years of evidence to support it. This. So that’s what he’s talking about. What he meant was that G5’s Jimmy Butler was LeBron for the night, and he deserves it, he really is. Do you know how that affected him? That made him too tired. He was completely invisible in G6. LeBron has been able to do that every year for more than 15 years. However, there is still a referendum every night on how this guy should play. And the answer is, better and more stable than anyone in history, and the peak period is longer than anyone in history. I do think his implication is,'Oh my god, big guy, put some damn respect on my name Yes. Because no one has done what I am doing now.'"

赖特在另一场演讲中继续对詹姆斯发表评论:“这个人已经表现出十足的统治力。自从比尔·罗素(Bill Russell)联盟只有8支球队以来,这支球队就再也没有出现过。 G5出色的40 + 13 + 7 G5表现,所有媒体仍旧在质疑他:“他有杀手本能吗?他应该投篮吗?您做出了正确的决定吗?”对于杰伊·威廉姆斯(Jay Williams)这样的媒体同事来说,这是事实。如果勒布朗做出决定,那是一个正确的决定。因为我们有15年以上的证据来支持这一决定。这就是他在说的。他的意思是G5的吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)是当晚的勒布朗,他应得的,他的确是他。你知道那对他有什么影响吗?那让他太累了。他在G6中完全不可见。勒布朗每年都能做到亚博买球官方网站这一点超过15年但是,每天晚上仍然有一个关于这个家伙应该怎么玩的全民投票。答案是,比历史上的任何人都更好,更稳定,而且高峰期比历史上的任何人都更长。我确实认为他的意思是,“哦,天哪,大个子,对我的名字表示敬意。是的。因为没有人做我现在正在做的事。”

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